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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Friends, Family, Food and Fun!

4th of July Weekend
Middle River/Kent Island/Rock Creek

Wow - what an enjoyable weekend!  Good friends and family and food and fun!  We stayed in port Friday night to see Trace Adkins.  That's a story in itself, but I won't get in to that here. So we had a drink with Scott & Kim at the Tiki Bar first (marina customers that moved to Utah - always great to see them), and then headed over on Clark's boat to anchor behind Pier 6, where we were able to hear most of the concert before being shooed away...  Called it a night after that.

Cruising (that's All In behind us)
Saturday morning we had lunch at the Bay Cafe, where I was once again impressed by their shrimp salad - SO good.  We left for Middle River around 2:00 pm and WOW - talk about boat traffic!  It was crazy between Ft. McHenry & the bridge and Middle River was just ridiculous!  We were staying at a friends' house, which we like to call the Doovie Del-Mar Marina.  They've had as many as a dozen boats docked on their pier before, but for this visit there were five of us.  The Middle River fireworks were that night, and the neighbors had a HUGE party and were kind enough to invite us over.  Thanks neighbors - the beef was incredible and we enjoyed the music too!  Just before sundown, Cap't Randy from INXS, who was staying at the River Watch, did a drive by and picked up the entire "non-party" to go see the fireworks.  Just 4 of us remained at the house to watch the them from the dock.  I was part of that group and it was nice sitting at the end of the pier and having a quiet conversation before the rowdy party returned in full force.  Middle River did a fantastic job with the fireworks - kudos.  Thanks again Dave & MA for opening your home to us and being most gracious hosts, as always.  Even when not planned!

Doovie Del-Mar Marina

Sunday morning we lounged and had breakfast and talked about the night and  and made new plans and then four of us boats set off for Kent Island.  I had been wanting to get to The Bridges for their $50 dockage to have a nice meal and to check out the music at the Jetty, so here we come!  They have a wonderful outside deck at The Bridges.  It overlooks the Narrows where you can watch the fisherman on the point and the boats coming and going.  Orlando Phillips, Rast-American, was playing, and bonus - they're dog friendly, so Lexi & Mercedes were able to join us.  We had the tuna sashimi and hummus apps which were fabulous.  Later we had dinner there as well, where they conveniently added the slip fees in to our bill.  After dinner, the Jetty was rocking with Hot Tub Limo and our girls were quite popular with the band, having their picture taken on stage! 

Our Sundancers
I woke early and walked Lexi.  Kent Island is great for walking.  The Cross Island trail runs along the Narrows there, but you can also walk over to Red Eyes/Annie's.  We had lunch and crabs at The Jetty (it IS the 4th of July).  They were local crabs and very tasty indeed.  It's been a while since I've been to the Jetty - I like what they've done to the outside beach area.  Kids were playing in the sand, and they're dog friendly too.  After lunch, Buddy and I split from the group to head to a family cookout in Rock Creek.  The bay was beautiful!  It was clear and flat (if a little overcast) and the boat traffic wasn't nearly as bad as Saturday. We stayed for dinner and enjoyed delicious fall-off-the-bone ribs before returning to the harbor in time for the fireworks, where I had fun dancing to my patriotic CD and waving the American flag.  What a fantastic 4th! 

Wine bottle chandelier at The Bridges

We're a patriotic group!

Happy 4th!

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