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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Things People Do...

Aquapalooza & Fairlee Creek
July 16th & 17th, 2011

If I were a better writer, you readers would have quite a field day reading about Aquapalooza.  I'll do my best.  It's everything you envision it to be and more.  Imagine a thousand boats converging on the protected side of an island in the middle of summer with dogs, kids, beer, music and rafts.  And then multiply it by a hundred later in the day when everything gains momentum and the beer is flowing and the heat is steaming and the music is beating...  It's craziness and zaniness and wow - what an event!  Kudos to Marine Max for organizing it. 

After spotting the blue hull, we managed to maneuver our way through the obstacle course of boats & bodies to the All In and Premier Ride, who were rafting together along with a few other boats we didn't know.  Once tied up, I took a good look around-  and WOW again, what an event.  We guessed over a thousand boats were there.  I spent some quality time on the bow with Barbie, my old hairdresser, and met some new friends.  Just when things started to get a little out of control (beer bongs and old ladies sandwiched between young boys on a jet ski (she appeared to be either napping, drunk or god-forbid, dead -all I could think of was Weekend at Bernie's), we made our way out of there.  For those that made a day of it, it sounded as if a great time was had by all, hanging out in the water, mingling and meeting new people, listening to music and especially people watching!

I'm such a nervous nelly that it's really difficult for me to enjoy myself watching mayhem unfold.  Plus, I couldn't hear the band because one of the boats tied up with us brought his own generator and speakers and had his dance music blasting off the bow of his boat. 

Generator & Subwoofer on Bow!
And I like live bands, so it wasn't hard for me to leave the scene once the captain gave the signal, except for the getting out part, which is like slolom boating with boats and swimming people and dogs and PWC's (back to the nervous nelly part).  At least I wasn't the captain and all I had to do was bring in the lines...  Thanks captain, for bobbing & weaving us out of there.  

Off we went towards Fairlee to meet some friends of ours that were coming back from a cruise up to Atlantic City and Manhattan (talk about a boat trip!).  I took a nap on the back of the boat and enjoyed the breeze until I felt us slow down at the cut.  It's such an interesting approach in to Fairlee that I hate to miss it.  I like watching us turn the corner and feeling the current under us and seeing Jelly Fish Joel's and the palm trees and babies on the beach.  We found a nice open spot, set the anchor and then INXS was pulling in. 

The Stifflers show purple pride!

 We took the dog to shore and then the four of us went to Jelly Fish Joel's on the dinghy to listen to some music and enjoy a kooky drink.  The frozen drinks are refreshing and the band was playing crowd favorites.  The new bikini crush station and ice luge are a nice addition (I don't remember that from last year), and the attendant was a perpetually happy person that danced non-stop and aimed to please.  I got in to the band (or maybe the kooky drink got in to me) and danced in the sand next to the mermaid, before heading back to start dinner.
We had a combo meal (INXS and us) with steak and sausages, crispy potatoes and grilled peppers painted with olive oil, along with corn on the cob and a nice bottle of wine.  For many years we've been preparing the crispy potatoes, and they're always a big hit.  See below for the recipe.  We had a nice time, enjoyed watching the sunset and quiet conversation. 

Capt Buddy on the grill
The wind was blowing a bit and the sound of the waves hitting the hull and the anchor chain tugging were a little much for me so I wound up sleeping in the aft cabin for some quiet.  This also made for a bit of a chop on the ride home Sunday.  Nothing the shark can't handle!  It actually rocked me to sleep on the back deck, while getting some sun.  Perfect for rejuvenating for Monday morning. 
       Another spectacular summer weekend on the Chesapeake...
Crispy Potatoes Recipe
  • 1 whole baking potato cut in to small squares
  • 1/3 of a vidalia sweet onion chopped
  • generous portion of butter
  • generous sprinkling of old bay
  • fresh pepper to taste
Wrap the ingredients in aluminum foil and place directly on the grill for 15-20 minutes (until potatoes are soft and crispy on the bottom).  Enjoy!

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