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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Aloha, Mahalo

BMC HarborView Marina, Inner Harbor
June 25th

We made the arduous journey across the harbor to BMC HarborView for the Inner Harbor Yacht Club Luau this week.  And while we didn't chalk up many nautical miles (nor use a lot of fuel - bonus), it is like going on vacation to stay in a marina that's not your home base.  We set out around 4:00 pm to do a harbor loop, and it always makes me feel good to see the Inner Harbor teeming with tourists.  The paddle boats were all out with a waiting line, the outdoor cafes were full, boats lined the wall, and people were parading on the promenade.  We pulled in to our slip about 15 minutes later and tied up on I dock, just at the foot of the luau tent.  We could see them setting up and it made for a colorful display with the tableclothes, decorations, flags and palm trees.  HarborView is looking great these days.

First order of duty is to walk the dog as usual (no matter how close or far, we always have to walk the dog).  And I may complain about the chore it is, but I am always happy to get my bearings in new surroundings.  I walked out through the main gates at Harborview and took a left toward the parking lot and around the townhouses on Key Highway and back down Harborview Drive to complete the circuit.  It's a friendly and attractive community, with lots of places to walk.  Little Havanas was packed, and Tabrizis was setting up for a wedding. Lots going on in the city on a Saturday night, and it was time to get where I was supposed to be.  I headed back to the boat to change in to my hawaiian attire and up we went to enjoy the festivities. 

My Sister & Me
The food was catered by the Tiki Barge and was absolutely delicious.  Pulled pork, seasoned beef, hawaiian rice and HAPPY SALAD (my favorite from the days of the Tiki Bar at Lighthouse Point).  The Dancing Dockmaster (Christos) struck again and had Diane, the IHYC President dancing away.  Many of us won prizes in the raffle.  Never belonging to a yacht club before, it was a good experience.  We're looking in to joining this fun bunch where we saw some old friends and met a few new.   

The Dancing Dockmaster & Diane
Knowing a few locals in the area, we invited them to visit us on the boat.  So after the luau, we headed to the boat with our friends for Buddy's famous Dark n Stormies, which led to a visit to the Tiki Barge (a MUST when you stay at HarborView).  It was Saturday night and it was crowded.  A mixed crowd, a beautiful view, good company and a cold drink!  Nice...  The younger of our group then took the party to Federal Hill for dancing, while Buddy and I decided to call it a night.

In the morning it was nice to walk the dog and have a dog friendly establishment right in the marina. Sorso Cafe had a hot cup of coffee, fresh fruit and granola, and clean water for the dog. 

I must say, it's been years since we've had a party on board, and it's nice to entertain.  We've lived next door to the marina for a long time and recently moved away.  It's a completely different boating experience when your boat is your weekend home.  You get the full "marina experience".  I think we've both missed that and are very much enjoying this summer.

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