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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mixed Company

 Rock Hall
July 24th, 2011

With the temp in the 100's this weekend, we just didn't feel like moving on Saturday and so skipped the relaxing weekend at Still Pond with friends.  Instead, we did something we rarely do and something that Buddy frowns upon strongly.  We mixed friends, family and clients!  We sat at the Dark Horse Tavern Saturday evening and went through our phone list inviting those to whom we've promised trips on the boat.  We're pretty active boaters and usually go out overnight and so getting everyone on board in a summer can be a challenge.  This was the perfect opportunity.

We wound up with six guests on board, plus Buddy and I (and Lexi dog).  We met at the marina gate at 11:30 and set off exactly at noon.  Our mismatched crew consisted of my young cousin and his roommate, two dear friends from MoCo, and a client and his lovely girlfriend - none of which had ever met before this day.  So we had all the generations represented - 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's.  I can see how this could be considered a risky or awkward event, but for some reason, on a boat everything is good.  My young cousin is quite the talker and had everyone in conversation before we even made it out of the marina, so by the time we pulled in between the water towers at Rock Hall, everyone was best friends.  Or something like that.

Harbor Shark Crew

Steve & Ellen hard at work
We pulled in to a slip out front and spent a few minutes debating on whether to sit indoors or out because the heat was still pretty stifling Sunday.  Before we had made up our minds, Michela-MacGyver had already scoped the scene and found the coolest spot on the deck (in the back of the tent between the two fans).  So we braved it and ordered lots of food and drinks and crabs and dug in.  I love it that they are dog friendly.  Our waitress Jodi was fantastic, even in the heat and she loved Lexi.  The ribs were the bomb and the crabs were local.  They only had mediums, but many of them would have been considered large elsewhere, and were oh, so tasty!  They key lime pie was yummy too.

Thanks Jodi!
 We decided to take make a stop at the Tiki Barge on the way back for the city view and some tropical vibes.  My cousin lives in Federal Hill, and just getting near the place we heard his name being shouted from the bar - what a way to make an entrance.  Things were definitely jumping at the barge on a Sunday afternoon.  I must declare that it really is the best outdoor bar in the city on a hot summer afternoon.  I'm not saying that because I'm partial (I admit that), but because up on the 2nd level of the barge, there's always a breeze blowing and it's just such a fantastic view of the city, you actually feel immersed in it.  It's the perfect place to take guests -and they make a pretty darn good orange crush too.

Tiki Barge on a Sunday Afternoon
At this point, my little cousin (well, he's actually late 20's, but he'll always be my little cousin to me) had gone off to find his friends and the rest of us were getting worn out by the heat and the day, so we set off leaving Justin & Kyle behind. 
Donna & Jim (MacGyver)
We returned to our slip, said farewell to our MoCo friends and enjoyed the company of Steve & Ellen on the back deck while the sun set over the marina...  Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? 

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