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Summer Boating on the Chesapeake Bay

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 15th, 2012
Shakedown Cruise 
Captain Buddy*
And it begins!
Is it time to boat again already???  Feels like I was just writing these blogs and feeling melancholy over the coming winter….  Alas, Spring has sprung (more like summer) and here we go!  With the weather report claiming temps in the 80’s, Cap’t Buddy was all over getting down to the boat to assess winter’s harm.  Dirty on the outside, a little dusty on the inside, but otherwise, so far so good.  A quick once over, and we were wanting more.  It was time to get those engines fired up and see what the old gal could do.  A phone call to a couple of friends, and we had ourselves a shakedown cruise ‘n crew.  

The HarborShark performed stupendously.  She ran great – no smoke out this year, thanks to a little pre-season maintenance, and with the exception of a loose radio wire, all systems were a go.  The skies were blue, the temps up, the harbor crowded – one would think it was the middle of summer.  We even had the pleasure of our summertime boating friends, which made the illusion that much more convincing. 
Shakedown Cruise n' Crew*
Our friends are the ultimate socialites and brought along their “party-in-a-bag”.  It wasn’t long before we were munching on olives and fancy cheeses, chicken salad in lettuce cups and more while enjoying the beautiful city vistas.  After a ride out to the bridge and cruise around the harbor, we said farewell to our boating crew (see you again Memorial Day!), and headed back to the marina for round two. 
Congrats Billy & Anne!
The “All In” was gracious enough to extend an invitation for dinner at the Hard Yacht for his inaugural cruise.  A new cast boarded and off we headed toward Bear Creek.  This time we had newbie boaters with us, which is always fun!  The All In also gave a stellar performance as we drank in the early summer weather conditions.  We were joined by two other boats, Premiere Ride and Billy’s Boat.  We also saw a group of other BMC customers there – shout out to Billy the Pirate & Scotty – thanks for the fireball!  A great day to be out and the place was packed, but they accommodated our large group quickly even though we didn’t have reservations.  We had a tasty meal and a champagne toast to the happy couple that had gotten engaged Saturday.  That made three betrothed duos at the table.  So uplifting to be around all that young love!
As the sun was setting, we re-boarded and set out for home port.  A gorgeous evening and a fabulous start to the 2012 boating season.  Now I really hope the weather doesn’t turn and make us wait another month or so before we see these temps again.  That would be a cruel trick, Mother Nature!
Picture courtesy of Sara Ingram
*Pics by Molly McConnell