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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Fine Farewell

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

In Memory of Cheryl Lightner
For Cheryl,
   By Cheryl

"It was official.  I was a boat owner.  Holy crap.  Some may call it impulsive, others, just plain crazy, but it just felt like the right thing to do at the time.  It wasn’t like I had planned it.  How was I to know that an invitation to a party would end like this?  Actually, it was one of the best things I could ever have done for myself.  It was a gift.  An expensive one, granted.  But, it was MY gift.  From me – to me.  And that gift was a 34’ Sea Ray.  I am her She Captain and she is my freedom – freedom from work, freedom from every day life, freedom from land, freedom from crowds, freedom from pain, and most importantly – freedom from fear.  She is my escape and she is my refuge.  She has been my salvation and she has been my teacher.  She has taught me to listen to my inner voice, follow my instincts and trust in my self.  She has taught me to grow, she has taught me to let go, she has healed my spirit and enlightened my mind.  She has allowed me to dream without interruption and listen for guidance from above.  She has ignited my passion and deepened my soul.  She has saved me, mostly from myself, and allowed me to heal in the physical sense as well.  She is truly a gift, and one for which I will be eternally grateful.  Everything for a reason.

What is it about fear?  Why are so many afraid?  Afraid of just about anything.  “Aren’t you afraid when you leave the dock?”  I have been asked on more than one occasion.  Hell no!  I am excited!  Fear doesn’t enter into my mind.  Does that make me strange?  Does that make me different?  Does it make me wonder?  Well, I suppose I can answer yes to all three questions.  Does that bother me?  Again – hell no!  I know no different, and for that I am glad.  When I leave my slip, I leave behind all of my worries (not that I am a big worrier, but that’s the best way I can describe the sensation).  I am free.  Just breathing in the freshness of the sea air lifts my spirits.  It’s like an explosion in my lungs that permeates throughout my body resulting in the awakening of all of my senses – it is quite exhilarating.  I am ready to receive.  I am at peace with all.  All I can do is smile and express my thanks for being fortunate to be given this blessing.  The wind blows through my hair and I press on.  Gently nudging the throttles to rise to plane – there’s nothing like it.  It is my passion, and I have no fear."
-Cheryl Lightner

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