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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Universal Fun

Harbor Cruise & Mike's Crab House North

August 18th, 2012

My best friend from Iceland was in town for just 2 nights and Friday was the BMC Customer Appreciation Event and so we just had Saturday to get her and her son out on the bay.  (They don't do a lot of recreational boating in Iceland!)  Plus, she spent some time in the Maryland area in the 90s and LOVES crabs, so that was also a must do event.  As it happened, other great friends of ours were returning from a week at the beach Saturday morning, and so we set out for a harbor cruise with our crew of the day -the  Eberhart's with adorable sons Jack & Tommy in tow, Bev & Chase Anton from Iceland, Cap't Buddy, me and Lexi-dog.

Bev & Chase Anton
New attraction at the harbor
The harbor was active with boats on this gorgeous, sunny Saturday afternoon, as we slowly cruised through Fells Point, around the new Harbor East area (a lot has changed since the 90;s), over to the Inner Harbor where the promenade was lively with tourists and pedestrians.  The new "Ripleys Believe It or Not" attraction is open now and seemed very popular.  We tucked inside the Science Center alcove and checked out Watermark's newest fleet addition - the Raven, and over around the Tiki Barge.  It was just at that point the little ones began to get restless and so we headed back to BMC to let the family disembark at the fuel dock and then us four (& our 4-footed friend) set off in search of CRABS!
Tiki Bar at Mike's North
We decided we'd give Mike's North in Rock Creek a go since we hadn't tried it and have heard good things about it.  The cruise was easy, no wind and small seas.  An easy 1/2 hour ride and we were pulling in past the white rocks and up to the docks.  There are plenty of slips available,  but it was easier for us to go on the T-head. 

The new deck is beautiful with a huge tiki bar and colorful umbrellas, and it sits high so you can look out over the bay.  The crabs were mediums and tasty; the clams casino delicious and the beer cold!
After a slice of key lime pie, we were off to do some swimming.  The water is the perfect temperature this time of year, and fortunately we didn't see any jellies!  Chase Anton had a blast jumping off the front of the boat and lucky for me I still have some upper body strength since we couldn't put the swim ladder down with the dinghy on the back! (A challenge, for sure.)  

Fun on the bow!
We wrapped things up before sunset and headed on back towards our slip, the three of us taking time to nap on the back in the bright summer sun.  Waking in time to do a little bow riding and a great Titanic impression before sliding back in to the slip and talking about the fun of the day.  We weren't even packed up and off the boat before Chase Anton uttered the words so typical of teens the world over:  "Can we go to Game Stop now?"  I guess some things are truly universal!

I didn't take any pics on this trip.  The pics came from the Facebook pages of those mentioned!

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