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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Curtis Creek, August 5th, 2012

Buddy was out of town last weekend so I was on my own.  Sunday morning after waking up, I rode my bicycle to the Farmer's Market for the fresh peaches I had been craving and then was heading to the pool to work on my tan when I ran in to some locals at the Tiki Bar.  As I approached I was asked "Hey, you going on the boat with us?"  My immediate response?  "YES!".  I'm pretty much always up for a boat ride.  I didn't know who was going or where we were going, but it was a beautiful summer day, so why not?  
Flag at Ft. McHenry standing out & Captain Clark at the helm

Our crew for the day consisted of Captain Clark, Steve & Angie, Billy the Pirate, Scotty, his parents, Danielle, John & Laura on Samantha's Dancer.  The original destination was Hard Rock Cafe, but somehow we wound up heading towards Reckless Rick's.  It's an easy ride out of the Harbor, Ft. McHenry on your starboard, over to Curtis Creek.  This is Baltimore at its most industrial, but once you pass the Coast Guard Station and the army reserve base (where my dad retired as Tug Boat Captain), it becomes more residential and scenic. 


Turn right at the American Legion Post 277, where I'm an Auxiliary member and grew up going to Christmas parties and Easter eggs hunts.  My parents still go to Friday night fish frys (when they're open).  It's on a gorgeous plot of waterfront property with its own Tiki Bar and is on the edge of going out of business - such a shame. 

Okay, back to Sunday afternoon...  as we approach Rick's, the dockhand had us dock on the neighbor's pier (!), and was there to help us tie up and off we went for lunch.  It was SO windy and hot outside, that we opted for inside dining, althought that's a hard call because the outside is all tropical and beachy, while the inside is pretty much a bar.  We ordered lots of apps to share - wings & nachos, pitchers of beer, all brought to us quickly by a smiling waitress (if you go, ask about why the waitresses stay so long - it's a good story).  The nachos were the best I've had in a long time (that's all I tried). 
Beach at Reckless Rick's
My brother lives in the neighborhood so I gave him a call, and just for me, he pulled himself out of the pool and rode over in his jeep.  Great to see you Sean! 
My Bro

After playing some pool and a taking a photo shoot outside, we were ready to head home, just as a storm approached.  As we were debating whether or not to leave, the storm went by and the sun came out, lucky for us!  So we enjoyed a nice - crazy (in a good way) may be the better word ride home with lots of laughs along the way.  There's a lot to be said for spontaneity.  I didn't see the pool that day, but I did get another blog! 

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