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Thursday, August 25, 2011

No Plans

BMC Lighthouse Point Marina
August 19th to 21st

Fire Eater
Hula Dancers

Okay, so another weekend where we don't leave the slip.  But it seems that's just what the doctor orders sometimes.  Friday night was the big VIP Customer Appreciation Party at BMC Lighthouse Point Pool & Cabana Club, so I spent the day organizing and preparing and setting up and going over lists and worrying about the weather.  Once the caterers arrived and everything was done as much as could be done, I went down to the boat to shower and change, and just then the wind picked up and the rain started.  Oh no, I thought.  Here come the storms...  But low and behold, 15 minutes later the rain stopped and the sun came out.  We even had a sunset, which is incredible considering that surrounding counties had severe thunderstorms with torrential downpours.  The only damage was the loss of a single candle!  The party was a huge success with over 400 people coming out to enjoy the authentic Hawaiian cuisine & hula dancers.  Many thanks to everyone that made the party possible and for the staff for doing a terrific job in making sure everything was up to par.  I slept well knowing it came together beautifully! 

The Vortex
I knew we were in trouble Saturday when I walked down the dock after some last minute clean up efforts at the marina, and found Buddy in the middle of an afternoon party on the INXS.  Which turned in to a day long party.  One by one another boater was coaxed on board and it soon became clear we were staying dockside on this Saturday afternoon.  Clark, Kevin, Cheryl & Dave, me & Buddy, all victims of what I came to call the Stiffler Vortex.  We did manage to make it up to the Tiki Bar for some lunch, where it was nice to see a familiar crowd - Steve & Angie, Loretta that used to work for BMC stopped by, even Dr. Tom made an appearance.  Billy & Scotty introduced us to the shot of the summer -Fireball Whiskey.  Thanks Randy, for buying the bar a round.    Naptime came not long after.

Saturday night we sat at the picnic table and talked with the passersby (the beauty of F pier).  We soon learned what Comic-Con was all about when Rocky & Bullwinkle came strolling down the pier...  About 10:00 pm someone had the great idea to ride the bull at PBR, and so off we went to Power Plant Live.  Once there, the crowd didn't seem too eager to get in line, but my point was that if we had come this far, why turn back now?  So Cheryl and I braved out the line while discussing strategy and decided we would conquer the bull & our fears together.  Forty five minutes later, up we went and less than thirty seconds later, down we went!  But WE DID IT!   (We have the bruises to show for it, but unfortunately, no one got a picture of us.)  
Rocky & Bullwinkle & Guests

Cowboy at PBR
Sunday came and I was up with my swimsuit on planning to hit the pool; however, the storms soon squashed those hopes.  So we met with Missy & Randy and talked about the good times the day before and made plans for next weekend and called it a day and headed home. 

It just goes to show that some times the best times are the times that aren't planned.
Power Plant Live

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